something new.

coming january 18th, 2014 to two thrilled-but-terrified parents. (:

one year!

welp guys, we made it. one whole year of being hitched! people say the first year is the hardest... if that's true, bring on eternity-- this year has been the best of my life so far!

we kept our anniversary low key: dinner at tucano's, a movie, a re-watch of our wedding video (a few times), lots of looking at pictures, and a slice of our slightly freezer-burned wedding cake. i couldn't have picked a better guy to spend forever with. i love him more than words can say, and definitely more and more every day.  can't wait for the many many more anniversaries to come!



 photo washer_zpsda9b76a1.jpg

last week we submitted our tax returns, threw a dance party, thought really hard about a caribbean vacation, and then decided to be responsible.  this new washing machine and a paid-off car are the results.  i still think cruises are more fun. (especially when the r.c. willey guy shows up and says he can't hook anything up today... because who doesn't want a brand new washer and dryer just to look at? DUMB.) this is especially troubling because today i am wearing clothes i have worn twice already since they've been washed last. (;

this week is spring break, but only for me cause cam goes to the holy school where they don't believe in breaks celebrating sunshine.  sucks to be him.  today is going to be 70 degrees and that makes everything today seem happier.  i'm going to go outside and enjoy it... maybe i'll blog again sometime before next month. 



 photo feb2_zpse05a20c8.jpg  photo feb1_zps5d55e233.jpg

this is the time of year when i decide i'm definitely done with winter and start daydreaming about summer. these photos of this handsome guy and his wife were taken in the six degree weather of early january.  hopefully my face doesn't show how much i'm despising being photographed outdoors. (;

my latest guilty pleasure seems to be extroardinarily expensive makeup.  today, while finishing up birthday shopping for the hubs, i stopped by sephora and dropped fifty dollars on blush and mascara for myself.  will they make me look like a supermodel?  probably not.  i suck a little at self control.

and blogging. it's whatevs.




this is p.f. chang's "the great wall of chocolate".  it's socially unacceptable to eat a slice of cake that's bigger than your head by your own self--- so i didn't, but i totally wanted to.  i should really weigh five hundred pounds.  who knew the chinese do chocolate so well?

today our next door neighbor's creepy biker boyfriend slammed their door so hard my favorite glass candle holders fell off my shelf and shattered.  heart = broken.

in the three week break, i forgot how much i hate homework.  now i remember. 

the hubs is sick and i am avoiding responsibility today because he needs a doctor.  hooray for ponytails and sweats!  i don't plan on moving off this couch for the rest of the night.  (have you seen all the snow outside?  no thank you.)

if someone wanted to show up at my apartment with another slice of that cake ^^, i would love them forever. just saying.


double two's.

if you know me at all, you know that there are not many things in life i love more than birthdays. what other day of the year do you get to spend however you want and stuff your face with cake?

i celebrated mine this year like a mature adult, and went out for pizza with as many people as i could get to go with me. and even though twenty-one is hard to top (getting engaged and spending the weekend in vegas makes it kinda unbeatable) i have to say my twenty-second birthday was pretty rad.

here are some pics in case you don't believe me. don'tcha wish your hubby was hot like mine? (:



new year's.

i know i'm three days late.
we celebrated new year's low key with family and each other. we played apples to apples and kissed each other at twelve on-the-dot. and cam banged on pots with my eleven year old sister.
it was perfect.

2012 was a fantastic year full of changes for everyone.  i married the love of my life, we sent my brother on a mission, and welcomed a beautiful new niece into our family.  i am so thankful for all of the blessings we were given this year and i am excited to see what new adventures 2013 will bring us!

here is a semi-crappy video i put together of my favorite memories from 2012. enjoy (: